Precise Research, LLC Is the Right Company to Get You the Right Employee

We may not be the biggest, but our turnaround times and customers are the fastest and best.

What We Do

Precise Research, LLC is a privately held company that offers pre-employment screening and background checking services. We are located in Concord, NH, and we serve clients throughout the continental United States.

At Precise Research, LLC, we take great pride in relieving some of the pressures and responsibilities that come with hiring new employees. We understand that every employer wants to hire the best and most qualified applicant, and extensive screening and prequalification is necessary to achieve this goal. Through our services, we empower our clients to confidently choose new employees. It is our mission to help each employer achieve success and make informed hiring decisions.

Why Choose Us?

From the day our company was founded, we have strived to earn an excellent reputation for quality service in North America. Our clients range from independent businesses to international organizations and corporations. We are dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction, and we focus on researching and providing ways for them to improve organizational security, efficiency, and overall profitability.


Our company strictly complies with all applicable state and federal laws, particularly the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You can be confident in the legality as well as the effectiveness of our screening methods.

We Keep Your Information Private
We operate in a strict and secure environment. Our team makes sure that our clients’ sensitive information is always protected. We use highly secured and managed servers, and we use paper shredders instead of trash cans. Our local computer network is hard wired with the latest technologies, not wireless, reducing the risk of a data breach.

We incorporate the latest in SQL encryption technologies into our processes, and we use up-to-the-minute hardware and software available for thorough protection. Additionally, we employ only bonded contractors to keep our systems secure and our clients’ information confidential.


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