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Precise Research, LLC
PO Box 523
Merrimack, NH



We take great pride in relieving some of the pressures and responsibilities that are attached with hiring new employees.  Every employer wants to hire the best and most qualified applicant.  It is our mission to help each employer achieve success when making thorough hiring decisions.


A consistent focus - Precise Research LLC is a privately held pre-employment screening and background check company that is based out of Southern New Hampshire. Since our beginning, we have strived to earn the best reputation in North America. Our prime focus is that of our customers and the various ways in which we can improve security, efficiency, confidence, and the overall profitability of our clients. Those who benefit from working with us range from independent businesses to national and even international organizations and corporations.

Growth -
Precise Research has experienced drastic growth since our inception, doubling our staff to better serve the industry. As the necessity for these serves continue to expand in this highly competitive field we will constantly evaluate and adapt to better serve our client’s needs.

Customer Protection & Technology - Due to the nature of our business we operate in a very strict and secure environment. We have always complied with all state and federal laws and in particular the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All offices utilize paper shredders instead of trash cans and our computer network is hard wired as opposed to wireless, assuring that no sensitive information will leak out. We also incorporate the latest in SQL technology and we only employ bonded outside companies to keep our systems safe and our customer’s information confidential. All of our computers use the latest hardware and software available to attain a higher standard of protection.

Precise Research Difference - As our company grows our focus on the individual will never faultier. In these times of increased security and corporate liability we can be counted on not to overlook the importance of what we do for our clients. It is the goal of all businesses to increase their volume, but at Precise Research we know the greater importance of maintaining trust and confidence in the accuracy and promptness of the service we provide to all of our customers.




-Employee theft alone exceeds $400 billion annually 
-34% of all application forms contain outright lies about education and experience.
-45% of all resumes contain one or more major fabrication...
-30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.
-College and university registrars report that at least 60% of the verifications they receive contain falsified information...


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