The Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening and Background Checking

Precise Research, LLC in Concord, NH is your partner in ensuring that your new employees meet your organization’s standards. We conduct extensive pre-employment screening and background checks for small businesses and large companies alike.

Screening job applicants before hiring them offers many benefits. These include protection against legal liabilities.


Employee negligence can result in injuries and damage to property. They can also lead to costly litigation, which in turn can damage your company’s reputation. Rebuilding your brand and improving customer perception is a long-term challenge that is expensive as well as exhausting.

Safe hiring practices can mitigate the risks of hiring new workers. Properly screening employees before they’re hired can help protect your company’s inventory, ensure the safety of your customers and other employees, and prevent lawsuits and cancellation of liability insurance.


What to Look Out for When Choosing a Background Check Company

After the 9/11 tragedy, the need for background investigation services increased dramatically. The demand has led to the formation of new companies that claim to offer screening and background services. While some are legitimate, others are fraudulent. Even some large, national companies that offer these services provide misleading or inaccurate information.

There are many online background check companies that serve clients nationwide and claim to provide the most up-to-date information on potential employees. However, with a little research, you will find that some of them use “databasing.” Simply put, these firms collect information and store it into a database.

The results may have been accurate at the time they were retrieved, but there is no way to make sure that a potential employee did not commit a crime from the time his or her information was entered into the database. The data these companies have may be old and outdated, or it might not have been properly acquired to begin with.

When choosing a provider of pre-employment screening and background checking services, companies should not solely base their decision on the provider’s rates. Companies should factor in the types of service a background check firm offers and the methods it uses to obtain information to ensure accuracy. The methods a firm uses to collect information should also be considered. At Precise Research, LLC, we use innovative and reliable ways to perform searches and access a broader amount of information for our clients.

To learn more about the importance of professional background screening, read this New York Times article.

Save Time and Money Through Professional Background Screening

For companies in New England, it’s crucial to choose a company with top-notch data retrieval methods. New Hampshire and Massachusetts both require criminal records to be acquired from the county courthouse in the area where the potential employee lives. The state of New Hampshire only allows criminal records to be accessed by court clerks, and there are only two ways to legally obtain copies.

The first method is to request information by mail. Because this method is very time-consuming, some employers opt to hire workers on a trial basis pending the outcome of the search. While this allows employers to quickly fill positions, it also opens up businesses to vulnerability.

Another option is to visit the courts in person. Companies may need to have at least one full-time employee whose sole mission is to retrieve updated records from county courthouses. Another employee will then apply the results. This method is inefficient and labor-intensive.

Instead of screening potential employees yourself, consider allowing us to do this task for you. We will handle the court records retrieval, saving your organization time and money that could be better spent on growing your business.


Precise Research, LLC: A Local Firm You Can Trust

Some national companies base their searches on stored data, a method that can result in inaccurate and outdated reports. Others hire local background investigation firms to do the work for them while charging their customers a premium.

Doing away with the middleman and hiring us directly is a more cost-effective way to meet your organization’s pre-employment screening needs. Additionally, because we are a local company, we are highly familiar with information retrieval methods. We also have personnel who personally retrieve court data on a daily basis.

At Precise Research, LLC, we work hard to meet our clients’ goal of a safer and more secure work environment. Through our services, we help employers hire workers who have the qualifications and background needed for the positions they’re applying for.