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A business is only as good as the people they employ and because of this they’re a reflection on your company as a whole. Safe hiring practices are instrumental in protecting inventory and reputation, along with the safety of coworkers and customers alike. Far too often lawsuits and cancellation of liability insurance are direct results of negligent hiring practices. Damages or injuries incurred by the misdeeds of an employee on the job can often lead to costly litigation against the employer and additionally, the havoc wreaked on how your business is perceived can be far reaching and long lasting. These thoroughly expensive and permanently devastating circumstances can easily be avoided by taking a few simple precautions. Properly screening employees not only helps to guarantee a more effective work force, it also greatly reduces the risks of operating your business.

The Industry

Since 9/11 the background investigation industry has experienced dramatic expansion, in the form of both a blessing and a curse. As these services become more widely used, the demand has imposed large growth on the part of providers and has given birth to many new companies offering these services. Unfortunately this boom also leads to a spike in the number of fraudulent and misleading investigators. Even though cost comparison is very important the type of service and means by which information is obtained should take precedence. You may be surprised to find that some of the sources of inaccurate information are not small “mom and pop” operations but large national corporations. There are many online background check companies offering to service the entire country and claiming to provide the most up-to-date information on potential employees. With a little research you will find that there are numerous examples of what is called data basing. This means that the results you receive may have been properly acquired at one time but, there is no way of being assured that the individual of interest didn’t commit a crime since their database was last updated. There is also no way of determining, with certainty, how old this data is or if it was accurately obtained in the first place. On the positive side, demand has given way to innovation in the form of new types of searches and a broader amount of information you can access.

The Precise Difference

Nowhere are methods of data retrieval more crucial than here in New England. New Hampshire and Massachusetts both require criminal records to be acquired from the county court house in which the person resides. New Hampshire only permits criminal records to be accessed by court clerks and allowing only two ways to procure copies of this information. The first is a request by mail which is very time consuming and prompts many employers to hire an individual on a trial period, pending the outcome of a record search. Though this gives the employer the option to let someone go if it turns out they have a criminal history it still opens them up to vulnerability, especially if the employee anticipates a negative outcome from a background check. The latter option is visiting the courts in person which can be very costly and labor intensive. To get the information as quickly as possible would require at least one full time employee devoted strictly to traveling among county courthouses and usually someone in the office to apply the results. We at Precise Research have remedied the most daunting aspects of this process to better serve businesses like you. By taking responsibility over this involved process, we can save your company money and valuable employee time, which could be better spent elsewhere.

Professional Background Screening: A Small Price to Pay

The person interviewed for this article recommends large database companies because of their broad service area but, companies such as this do have their down sides. National companies often base many of their searches on stored data or they hire a local business such as us and simply charge you a premium over our far lower cost. For the most accurate and cost efficient research, especially in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we recommend going with a local company such as Precise Research, who have personnel retrieving court data daily. This article does contain some eye opening facts and statistics, along with important tips to help you achieve your goals of a safer and more secure work environment.

Download the New York Times article here.





-Employee theft alone exceeds $400 billion annually 
-34% of all application forms contain outright lies about education and experience.
-45% of all resumes contain one or more major fabrication...
-30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.
-College and university registrars report that at least 60% of the verifications they receive contain falsified information...

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